How Will You Profit?

Are you a business owner? Do you rent out an apartment? Do you display your art? Are you a teacher?

How will you profit from the upcoming advantages in virtual reality? The possibilities are endless. Imagine owning a home that you rent. In the “old” days you would post some flat pictures on the internet. Now you can take people on a tour. Your potential customers can pop on a pair of VR goggles, then walk around to all the rooms looking any direction. Apartment owners are already doing this. So are universities. Instead of students going to the school to walk around, they are viewing the school using virtual reality or 360 video. It saves them time and money. At the same time, the school can show off their campus to more people.

How about art? If you have a sculpture, you can let the viewer circle around it. Heck, you could create a virtual art gallery with all your work. VR viewers could take a stroll from room to room viewing all your art. Then press the “add to shopping cart” button and you made a sale.

Do you buy clothes online? What is the biggest problem when buying something you can’t try on? That’s right, it arrives in the mail and you have to send it back. Those days will be over soon. Shoppers can try on the clothes in a virtual world and ensure they size is proper. Just ask Jack Ma, the mastermind behind China’s Alibaba. He already has plans to launch Buy+.

What other ways do you think VR will change the way we do business?

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