Brick and mortar businesses are fading away.

A few weeks ago I was sitting with my girlfriend discussing what we should bring to the dinner party we were going to. We decided on flowers. The busy man I am thought, OK, after work I’ll rush downtown and find a flower shop and bring them to the dinner. But, she had already purchased them and they would be at our doorstep in an hour.

The morale of the story, life has changed. Everything is going online: shopping, education, entertainment. What is next? Will “we” see a next? A thousand years ago, life changed slowly. Advances in technology did not affect people’s lives. Life was the same the day they died as it was the day they were born. Then Gutenberg brought us the printing press and knowledge spread. Five hundred years later came the Internet and the dawning of the information age. Unless you are five years old – I don’t think any toddlers are reading this – life is drastically different than the day you were born.

So, what’s next? VR? The answer is yes. Get ready.

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