Technology in the Classroom

Is technology a good or bad thing for education? Some school districts with all the resources at that fingertips underperform schools that do not. Why? There are many reasons, but resources and technology alone do not improve students’ abilities to learn. But if technology is used properly, it can enhance a child’s ability to learn.

Classes are long and the subject matter can be tedious. Many students are more interested in being liked by their peers than learning about Mesopotamia or functions. In addition to teaching the material efficiently, it is a teacher’s job to motivate students and make the class engaging. One way to do this is to add variety into the lesson plan. If a teacher just shows a 40 page PPT, going slide to slide, it is not engaging. Maybe the first slide will catch their attention, but by the fourth or fifth, the class is snoozing. But, if a teacher uses a PPT, some boardwalk, a lecture, and a group activity, the class will go by fast and they students will learn because they are seeing the material from a different perspective.

Now, how about adding VR to the classroom? That would make for an amazing class!

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