Learning English Using VR

Other than gaming, VR (and AR) will be a useful medium for learning a second language. Technology has already revolutionized the way students learn English. How? Just do a quick search online for online teachers. Just a few years ago, students in non-English speaking countries were piling into English training centers to improve their English. Classes in these centers are taught by foreign expats who are often overpaid for the quality of work they provide. Now, students can find English speakers online. This is not only more convenient, but it is cheaper and in many cases more useful.

This article is not about online schools though; it’s about VR. Imagine the possibilities. Speaking to a teacher in VR using an avatar or sitting in a virtual classroom. In some form or other, it is coming. In the meantime, educational VR is starting to take route. Google has created Expeditions for virtual tours of foreign lands. There are also VR apps that help students learn vocabulary by selecting objects. Inside of slicing open a frog in science class, why not do it in VR?

VR has a lot of improvements to make in the education industry, but it will get better and better. It is engaging and can motivate students to learn. It can be immersive as well. Take the new VR experience “Little Molly VR” for example. Students are transporting into a little village of dogs. Their job is to find lost gold; they walk around and get clues from the local dogs. In order to be successful, they have to understand the English. The kids don’t even know they are learning while they play.

The future of VR is exciting. Like all new technologies, if used properly, it can enhance students’ learning experiences.

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